Dance Studio in Burbank, CA

Practicing the art of dance, whether professionally or for fun, has many benefits attached to it. Not only can it promote healthy and doable physical activity, it can also promote a better health for the future. Studies show that just one hour of physical activity a day can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, diabetes, depression, and heart disease. Dancing is not only a great workout, but it’s also fun! Rock Star Dance Fitness is a dance studio in Burbank, CA, and we offer our guests that very opportunity to improve their health while learning some cool moves.

We operate as a dance studio for all ages and for all levels, Whether you are a professional or a beginner, a child or an adult, we can teach you how to dance all different types of dance. We have trained and experienced dance instructors in our team here who are certified and more than eager to teach others some great dance techniques. From jazz to ballet, flamenco to African, and much more- Rock Star Dance Fitness can teach you the moves you need to get healthy, impress your friends, and just have fun.

Along with traditional and social forms of dance, our professional dance studio offers classes that are geared specifically toward health and fitness. Not only do we serve as a dance studio, but we also function as a yoga studio, pilates studio, zumba studio, aerobic studio, and much more.

We offer nothing short of an amazing and healthy workout and an exciting dance lesson. You’ll never believe how fun it is to be working out until you try it out with us!

Get in touch with our dance instructors now to enroll yourself in one of our dance classes!

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