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Can I just tell you how happy I am to have stepped into my first class (of MANY more to come) at Rock Star Dance Fitness this morning! I took Cardio Kickboxing/Body Sculpting with Trina, and enjoyed every minute of my workout. She is an amazing trainer with a stellar background in dance, personal training, personal defense, has a million certifications and really understands fitness. I would consider myself pretty fit, but I was sweating like crazy from beginning to end, and really felt that I was pushing my body without hurting myself. Oh, and one more thing – she was watching me like a hawk to make sure I was doing the moves correctly without injuring my joints – a HUGE plus in my book, since I’ve recently tried other exercise routines and have hurt my knees and wrists badly. I also noticed that after her class, my wrists felt much better and stronger. After ONE class. Pretty amazing. I’m so excited I found this studio, and I look forward to trying all of their other classes…these people don’t mess around! If you’re looking for a fun, intense (but correctly done) way to break a sweat and get fit, I highly, highly recommend Rock Star Dance.

Amy H.

I have finally found a place that works for me and makes “working out” fun! I’m hooked! The owner, Trina, is amazing, inspirational and a trained dancer. She has incorporated her talent into fun dance routines that also give you an amazing workout. I’ve never sweat so much and have lost 8lbs in the 8 weeks I’ve been taking her classes. I’ve taken Afro-Cariibbean, UJAM, Hip Hop and Zumba and they are all fun. I highly recommend this place.
Also, be sure to check out the website for the new location on Glenoaks. Great studio with air conditioning (vs the last place she was in).

Dory F.

Exactly what I was looking for. I’m not a gym rat, but when health problems presented themselves this year, I knew I had to get moving again. I have always enjoyed dance classes, and when Amazon Local had a deal for this studio, I took the chance. I’m glad I did. My schedule only allows me to fit in the AfroCaribbean Latin Grooves class with Trina on Tuesday nights, but it’s fine with me. She gives a lot of historical information about the origins of the dances, and she takes her time to explain the steps if we’re not “getting it.” Her experience as a professional dancer is wonderful and insightful. Plus, as a musician I just LOVE and appreciate the music – you get a great mix of African, Brazilian Samba, Reggaeton, etc. Trina is so nice and friendly, too. But don’t get me wrong, this workout is FUN but it will also kick your butt. In a good way, of course. 😉 I’m dancing my way back into shape.

Melissa P.

I am really happy to have found this place!! It was exactly what I was looking for. Within the first 8 classes I began to notice results! My favorite classes are the AfroCaribbean Latin Grooves class and the Cardio Kickboxing class. They really work you out!! In addition to the classes being fun and a work out they are also personalized. Trina really takes the time to explain the correct steps and positions in order to get the most out of the work out and in order to avoid any injuries. You can’t get this type of attention in a 50 person class at the gym.

Love this place!

Adi E.

Rock Star Dance Fitness is so much fun! The Afro Caribbean and Cardio Kickboxing with toning classes are a workout. All the instructors are positive and have dancing backgrounds. What a great place to get my cardio on and get in shape!

Mary D.

• I took the Hip-Hop Jazz Cardio Workout this Saturday morning for the first time. Trina is an inspiring, energetic and talented teacher that motivates the class to the extreme. So much fun! What a great way to get exercise and learn fun new dance moves. Highly recommended!


What a blast!!! I attended the Afro-Carribean class yesterday and boy did i get a workout. I honestly didn’t think I would sweat through it but was i wrong. I regularly play basketball for my cardio and I wanted to give the class a try. I sweated as much as a two- hour basketball game. My lower body got a really good workout . The best part was how much fun we were having. Everyone was into the choreography and the music moved your whole body. Trina took time to make sure everyone understood the choreography. By the time the class was over, I was just getting into the groove that i was looking forward to the next class. I was the only guy in the class but the ladies were very welcoming. I definitely will be back.

Austin K.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this new dance studio!! I used to live on the west side and then moved to Burbank. I was so worried there wouldn’t be great dance and fitness classes, but boy was I wrong! This studio is connected to the Phenom/Crossfit Gym and the space is so clean and bright! I have danced for years and Rock Star’s fitness and dance classes are still a challenge and an incredible workout. Be ready to break a sweat with so many fun booty shaking moves! My favorite classes are the Afro – Caribbean Latin Grooves class taught by Trina and Salsa Hip Hop by Cuba Swift and Viviana. Trina, the owner and one of the teachers of Rock Star is absolutely wonderful! I had surgery and had to take a few months off from classes and she even texted me to see how I was. It was so sweet and helped me stay positive and upbeat. Run there, don’t walk to these classes. You will leave there still dancing and will have burned hundreds of calories without even knowing it!

Sarah M.

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